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Alpine Blind Ski Club
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Riverview, MI 48193

Alpine Blind Skiclub

Welcome, and Hello from The Alpine Blind Ski Club!
Thank you for visiting our website, the following pages will give you our brief introduction, our club history and its goals and dreams!

Intro: We are a Michigan based, 501-C3 Non-Profit Club, dedicated to helping Visually Impaired skiers in the art of downhill skiing!We are a group of Blind skiers, Guides, and Boosters who wish to help in assisting Blind skiers, take Ski Trips to fun locations, have great fundraising opportunities, and just a Generally great time!

History: We are a new club, formed in 2008’ that originated from a club called the “Optical Illusions” our guides and members have been around since the early 80’s
Goals: Our club formed to provide a similar atmosphere, but with one main goal in mind, to provide Ski weekends and trips to various locations!Our guides strive for the safety and learning experience for each skier, our Boosters provide support, and our skiers provide the Fun!The guides are NOT Ski Instructors, but are there to help in any way possible.

We welcome any and all skiers from young to old, from experienced to novices, so give us a shout and see what its all about!

Kurt Grohs (President)The Alpine Blind Ski Club

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